How We Started

Speaking about intimate hygiene is a stigma in most parts of the world. The handful of intimate products available in the market couldn’t be vouched for by their customers. Dryness, itchiness, and rashes were just a few of the concerns customers faced. We made it our mission to conduct surveys and get adequate feedback from consumers before manufacturing our product. It was immediately obvious to us as doctors, that it was time to ditch the chemical-laden concoctions that lined intimate hygiene product aisles and move towards a more scientific and naturally derived solution.

Because, why should we settle for anything less than the best when it comes to intimate care?

We started researching further on intimate hygiene products and personal hygiene practices from all over the world. The upshot of our research was promising and after years of development, we came out with our range of intimate hygiene products that keep you safe and ensure you feel refreshed!

Refreshingly Scientific

Creating premium intimate hygiene products that are thoroughly researched is as vital as spreading awareness about it. Senziwash has, at its helm, a bunch of internationally acclaimed doctors including urologists and gynecologists who are actively involved in product research as well as its composition. Our expert panel also consists of other medical professionals and a team of consummate commoners who believe in the Senziwash ethos of a perfect blend of pure science and nature.

All our products delve deep into the science of intimate hygiene to make it eco-friendly and sustainable. We understand the delicate balance our body has with the natural microbiome and metabolome which is prevalent in human intimate areas. Our continuous research on intimate hygiene products and personal hygiene practices from all over the world has helped us immensely in developing these products. The outcome of our constant effort is a promising and indulging experience of the best of both worlds in intimate care – Nature & Science!

Our MissioN

We aim to be the brand of choice for intimate care products that caters to both men and women around the world. Grounded in medical expertise with a team of gynecologists and urologists, our products are well-researched and designed to be a cut above the rest

Our VIsioN

Our core mission is to raise awareness about intimate hygiene among all genders and positively impact their lives by ensuring quality-driven, precisely scientific, and naturally balanced intimate hygiene solutions. At Senziwash, we firmly believe intimate hygiene is gender neutral and we create products that are ideally suited for all body types.